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Why do you have only two wedding packages?

When I entered the wedding industry, I made it one of my missions to make sure my brides have the most stress-free experience as possible. Planning a wedding is expensive, and photographing a wedding is a lot of work, but my goal is to provide premium wedding photography for budget-conscious brides. I understand everyone has budget to work within, and I believe you shouldn’t have to rush your wedding day schedule to fit your photographer’s packages.

What if I can’t decide on an “edit style”?

Ain’t no thang! You can always let me know if you’d prefer that I take creative liberties as I shoot and edit. Every client, couple, and person is different! We can definitely chat about what you like (and don’t like) when it comes to different images beforehand so that I have a good feel for your personal taste.

Can you edit my double chin / cellulite / etc? My retouching policy:

Of course I do my best in making you look and FEEL the best version of yourself, but at the end of the day, I still want you to look like YOU, so I follow the 3 Day Rule: If it wouldn’t naturally disappear, couldn’t be removed, or applied to or from you in three days, it stays. Stubborn acne, bruises and scrapes can go, but your tattoos will remain. Brightening of eyes and teeth are dependent on lighting, and I will adjust those as I see fit to accurately account for the moment! You're stunning, love.

Can I re-edit images after I’ve received them?

Yes and no. For any personal use like to create a background or personal print- yes, of course! For any public posting or promotion, I would love to be notified so that I could work with you and make those re-edits myself for you. At the end of the day, my goal is to make sure you’re happy with the images! This goes for B&W images as well- If you want to see a B&W in color, or vice versa, just gimme a buzz!

How does the deposit/retainer process work?

30% of the Base Package (excluding Travel Fees and Add-Ons) is required to secure contract price. Contract and Retainer are due within 24 hours of each other. Travel Fees, any Add-Ons, and the remaining 70% are due by Contracted Event Date.


I'm always happy to chat with you over the phone or via email to answer any more questions. Let's connect!