Skinner Wedding

Long time friends of mine, Claire and Daniel Skinner came to me with a big request: To capture the day as I saw it, and have fun with an old-school spirit, vintage editing -- but the kind that comes off timeless. I said, "You're speaking my language, say no more..."


The Skinners wanted to prioritize the PEOPLE at their wedding. They didn't care that the light was going down during their "Romantics Session", and they certainly didn't want to spend an hour after the ceremony taking photos, missing out on their cocktail hour.

Ain't NO thang, chicken wang. While more time + light do allow for more creative juices and sometimes more photos during those times, this wedding proves that you can prioritize your people, and not miss a beat. These photos were taken in 2021 and are still some of my all-time favorites.

You may notice a variation of editing styles in this one showing - and no, my dog did not run over the keyboard whilst editing! Claire and Daniel wanted their gallery to be experimental and unique, having a variety of classic, retro, clean, bright, and vintage styles intermixed -- as if they were taken with multiple cameras by multiple people, all seeing the day differently.