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My couples believe their wedding day shouldn't revolve around posing for photos. Rather, their photos should revolve around their wedding day. We couldn't agree more.



Reach Out & Get-To-Know Each Other

I'll respond to your inquiry within 2 business days with details regarding my availability for your date, in addition to sending you a more accurate quote considering travel, etc., if needed. Take your time to look it over & don't hesitate to ask questions! That's what the meet & greet is for (no strings attached - I pinky promise)


Coffee Consultation

Our first virtual or coffee consultation (up for either!) helps put faces to names, and lets us get a feel for one another as we chat about your vision, needs, and expectations... In this initial meeting, we'll get to know on another a bit more, and also review your contract & payment info. This is the part where you say yes, (again!)


Plan-It-Out  Consultation

At this point, you've decided you want to move forward in booking with me! *Happy Dance* We've already discussed your wedding day vision and preferred editing style a little bit, and now we're planning the logistics: Shot lists, day-of timeline, and any other loose ends that may need tying. No stress - That's why you hired the big guns!


Prep & Post Your Big Day!

During your wedding day, think of me as your photographer, therapist, bouncer, and day of coordinator: all in one! We've planned well, and now you have peace of mind that I fully understand your priorities, and have the skills to capture your story, fully and beautifully. Within 24-48 hours, you can expect to receive a minimum of 25 fully edited images from your wedding. Complete galleries are delivered within 30 days!


Couples + Proposal + Engagement

Engaged, or not, everybody needs photos to freeze a feeling in time with their love.

  • Minimum 2 outfits

  • Minimum 50+ fully edited images

(Send this link to your significant other, and you can sleep soundly knowing we'll plan your perfect proposal...)

*Inquire for more information

6 hour Wedding Package +

  • Minimum two consultation meetings
  • Second Shooter included in all packages (starting at 2 hours)
  • Lead Photographer on site for 6 hours
  • Preview of 25 images within 48hrs of wedding
  • Unrestricted communication by phone & email
  • Timeline consulting & creation
  • All images via digital download

*Custom packages up to 12 hours available

À la Carte +

  • Graduates
  • Individuals
  • Studio Headshots
  • Just For Fun
  • Branding Packages
  • Unique Creative Projects

*Inquire for more information

  • Why do you have only two wedding packages?
    When I entered the wedding industry, I made it one of my missions to make sure my couples have the most stress-free experience possible. Planning a wedding is expensive, and photographing a wedding is a lot of work, but my goal is to provide premium wedding photography for budget-conscious brides. I understand everyone has budget to work within, and I believe you shouldn’t have to rush your wedding day schedule to fit your photographer’s packages.
  • What if I can’t decide on an “edit style”?
    Ain’t no thang! You can always let me know if you’d prefer that I take all creative liberties as I shoot and edit. Every client, couple, and event is different! We will chat about what you like (and don’t like) when it comes to different images before your big day so that I have a good understanding of your personal taste.
  • How does the deposit/retainer process work?
    50% of the Base Package (excluding Travel Fees and Add-Ons) is required to secure the contract price. The contract and Retainer are due within 24 hours of each other. Travel Fees, any Add-Ons, and the remaining 50% are due by the Contracted Event Date. *Travel is invoiced separately from Photo Packages.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes, I do! Any wedding vendor you're considering for your day should have general and event liability insurance for both your protection, theirs, and your other wedding vendor protection.
  • Can you edit my double chin / cellulite / etc? Retouching Policy:
    Of course I always do my best in making you look and FEEL the best version of yourself, but at the end of the day, I still want you to look like YOU, so I follow the 3 Day Rule: If it wouldn’t naturally disappear, couldn’t be removed, or applied to or from you in three days, it stays. Stubborn acne, bruises and scrapes can go, but your tattoos will remain. Brightening of eyes and teeth are dependent on lighting, and I will adjust those as I see fit to accurately account for the moment! You're stunning, love.
  • Can I re-edit images after I’ve received them?
    You may think that altering a photo isn’t a big deal, but it can cause some major repercussions down the road for your photographer…Here’s why it’s important NOT to edit your photographer’s galleries: - If you add filters and edits to the photo that your photographer has put so many hours crafting and putting their unique signature on, it’s now not a true representation of their work. - We edit our photos to our signature tastes, which is what our future clients can know to expect from us. If they see work that misrepresents us with our name on it, that prospective client either 1. Isn’t going to come to us or 2. Is going to come to us expecting a different thing (good or bad aside!) - Our creative touches are consistent with our portfolio and body of work, and we put hours and hours into developing each portion of our craft. Some of us do that for multiple editing styles! (cough cough). It’s also important to note that every photographer is different. For instance, in my contracts I have specific clauses about allowing my clients to edit photos for their personal use (home projects or screensavers), but I also don’t charge for re-editing, and don’t allow for their edits to be posted on any public forums. WHAT YOU CAN DO INSTEAD: If you receive a gallery you’re unhappy with, or you want a few touch ups on, just reach out, and start an honest conversation! I really just want to please you, so if you do want to have something adjusted, just ask so I can be sure to keep brand consistency throughout my public body of work!
  • How much is the Travel Fee?
    We can chat more specifically regarding your session, but generally speaking, there are two ways to calculate travel fees: 1. Within the Phoenix, AZ Local areas of a 30 mile radius (approximately), there are no travel fees. Outside of this, I charge per approx. mile to cover cost of fuel, vehicle wear, and time. 2. If the location is greater than 150 miles, or in a state other than Arizona or California, the cost of flight(s), rental car, lodging, and per diem are what make up the Travel Fee.
  • What is the photo turnaround?
    My goal is to get your photos to you as soon as possible! For a photo session, you can expect your gallery within 14-20 days after the shoot. For my brides and grooms, you can expect a preview of 25+ images within 48 hours, and the rest of your galleries within the 31 days after the big day! (yea...kind of unheard of, I know).



gillian rea photography_wedding.png
Gillian is an amazing photographer who knows how to capture your special day. Her professionalism and ability to gel with all personalities adds to the joy of the day. She balances her perspectives throughout the event capturing the big moments and the candid moments.

I have been a professional photographer since 2005 and hiring someone I could trust with my vision was a big decision and I could not have chosen a better person. Absolutely loved the finished product! She's the best!

Kori J.  |  Married on 06/06/2020

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